What we offer
If you want more from your logistics and safe-keeping partner, Global Power Security & Logistics is the right company.

Taking out greater benefit has become our standard:

     • More flexibility but standard processes
     • Best safe-keeping and full security

     • Sourcing from low-cost economies but faster routes to market
     • Higher availability but lower inventory
     • More agility but lower costs
     • More efficiency but less environmental impact

We spend time and money understanding your business and apply our process-driven approaches to design, implement and operate solutions that deliver tangible benefits right along the supply chain.

Consulting and solutions design


Our deep sector knowledge means we can design the best possible supply chain for your business. Together we can address the complexities of globalization and sourcing changes, increased competition and international variations.

Contract logistics


We combine the skills and experience of our operations managers and supply chain designers, to design, implement and operate logistics solutions that improve availability while reducing inventory.

End to end solutions


When you need end-to-end support from your logistics and security partner, Global Power Security & Logistics can deliver the complete service. We offer you a single point of contact for all your supply chain activities, instead of having to deal with dozens, or even hundreds, of different companies.


Expertise in your industry


Our expert sector teams have the specialist industry knowledge you can depend on.

Freight management


Our track record in freight management is second to none. Whatever the consignment, whatever the method, we deliver a service that is flexible, reliable and cost-effective.

Operations excellence


Our continuous improvement process means implementation is quicker and less risky; your operations are more efficient, flexible and consistent; and you get the right metrics for better management.


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